Philanthropy is often thought about as a way of helping those less fortunate than you. It’s a way of bringing about real change in less fortunate communities and can make a rather large difference when approached properly. While philanthropy and charitable giving may be all about helping others at their core, they’re also a way of making yourself happier. Multiple studies have been done involving giving and how it affects the ones performing the giving, with many showing that giving to someone else as opposed to giving to themselves did not cause their happiness to decline, but instead to rise or at least stay the same. The happiness one feels from giving has the ability to affect other aspects of their life as well, so here are a few ways in which giving is important to your happiness.

It Helps You Achieve Your Goals

Many people like to prioritize long-term goals, whether it be in business or their personal lives. Sometimes these goals are more for themselves, while other times it may be to try and make a positive impact somewhere in the world. While these are great to have, they can often become exhausting if you’re not seeing the progress you want to see. Your general happiness often plays a role in the motivation you have towards these types of goals, so by doing acts of charitable giving you’ll become happier and in turn, feel more motivated to continue working on and inevitably achieving your goals.

It Promotes Collaboration

Giving doesn’t always have to come in the form of physical items or money. Giving can be sharing experiences, advice, knowledge and much more. It’s important that those who have had success in some form are willing to share that success and how they got there with others. It doesn’t need to necessarily be a professional success either. By sharing your own experiences, you can bring fulfillment to yourself and others, greatly increasing your overall happiness. This also encourages others to do the same thing and share their experiences, further promoting collaboration amongst peers. 

It Builds Trust

While individuals may not always have the means to tackle big changes in the world, businesses and organizations typically can make a more meaningful impact. When your organization chooses to give back to those in need, it helps build trust not only with your consumers but with your team as well. These things can impact profitability for your organization, and also increase happiness for everyone involved. Consumers like knowing that their dollars are going somewhere meaningful, especially the younger generations.