After the recent mass shootings in both El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio, many people are looking to lend a helping hand so as to assist the victims of these tragedies on their road to recovery. When these events occur, there are usually multiple ways in which you can volunteer or donate goods. Keep reading if you’re looking for a few suggestions.

Donate Blood

Donating blood is always a great way to help a community in need in times like these. If you’re in the Dayton area, The Community Blood Center is accepting donations. Luckily, hospitals in Dayton had plenty of blood on hand in order to respond to the shooting, but donations are always welcome in order to replenish their supplies.

If you’re anywhere near El Paso, Vitalant is where you should be going to donate blood. Vitalant has two centers in El Paso which were both at capacity the weekend of the events, but they’re urging all interested parties to reach out and schedule appointments over the coming weeks. Donations are always welcome at times like this, as to be prepared for future incidents. 

Donate To Charities

Within both El Paso and Dayton there are organizations that aim to raise money and other goods in order to assist the victims, their families, and the community itself. Most charities prefer money over anything, as they’re usually at capacity with food and other goods. 

El Paso Community Foundation

Working with the County of El Paso and the city of El Paso, The El Paso Community Foundation has set up a victim’s fund in order to assist those affected by the event. They’re currently waiving all administrative and credit card fees for donations, encouraging everyone to donate what they can. 

Paso del Norte Community Foundation

Another El Paso based foundation, the Paso del Norte Community Foundation created the El Paso Victims Relief Fund, which is meant to support the victims affected by the tragedy, as well as their families. The foundation is working with the City of El Paso as well as other community and funding partners in order to provide direct financial assistance to families.

The Dayton Foundation

The day after the events, The Dayton Foundation created the Dayton Oregon District Tragedy Fund, which is meant to help families affected by the events which occurred there. The group has also agreed to waive the credit card processing fee so that all of the money will be used to assist the victims. 

Public Good Campaign

If you’re trying to donate to victims of both of these tragedies, especially if you’re not located near either of them, then Public Good is a great option. They’re holding a campaign which aims to assist the communities of both El Paso and Dayton. Donations are typically split between the 3 charities which were mentioned above.