One of the most difficult aspects of managing a nonprofit is ensuring consistent cash flow. While big fundraisers can provide the occasional boost, the overhead required to run them means that lower-level initiatives will keep your organization afloat most of the time. Additionally, 60 percent of donors are one-time donors but converting them to longterm supporters of your nonprofit can be more lucrative than trying to repeatedly seek out new donors. As with most nonprofit initiatives, success is dependent on good engagement tactics and leveraging the strengths of an organization.

Leverage Connections

By donating to your organization, donors have indicated that they have an interest in your cause and are likely more receptive to engagement after the initial give. Customized engagement emails for donors and a drip of social media providing updates on nonprofit initiatives are great ways to keep them on board and keep your cause in the back of their minds. Better still is if you can deliver updates on their donations, particularly if they were part of a specific project. Social media posts can also feature the efforts of volunteers and event attendees to add a personal touch for recent donors.

Don’t Always Ask For Money

Though their intention is to not directly solicit donations, non-ask campaigns are an important part of retaining interest and getting an organization’s foot in the door for future efforts. Newsletters can create consistent touchpoints that highlight the efforts of community members—another way to make donors feel like their work and funding is appreciated. Nonprofits live and die by passionate people willing to give back, so foster that giving spirit and share stories of success.

Give Donors Input

One of the worst things a nonprofit can do is operate without heeding its community. Asking for immediate feedback from donors and giving them ownership of the projects they work on allows an organization to create projects that people can be passionate about. Email distributed surveys and points of contact on a website allows a nonprofit to adjust based on the needs of its beneficiaries and volunteers. Donors will feel more invested in the organization and willing to give again.

Have a Clear Mission

Regardless of the exact messaging used, the underlying impetus behind each donation initiative should be tied to the overall goals of your nonprofit. Illustrate where the money goes, promote transparency, and give every donation a purpose. If you’re running an event with expensive admission, emphasize how the ticket price will be used to support the nonprofit’s beneficiaries. Even with a dedicated following, education and a strategic focus can do wonders to repeatedly bring back donors.