In a world that is increasingly interconnected, global leadership has begun to encompass a variety of skills that contribute to an individual’s ability to navigate international and multicultural contexts to bring about significant changes in organizations and communities. When it comes to global leadership, cultivating an international perspective can prove immensely useful. Here is some advice for using experiences to become a better global leader.

Learn Different Languages

While English appears as a common language able to stretch across multiple business fronts, developing foreign language skills can not only further your ability to understand other cultures, but can also advance your career. Learning a foreign language may appear daunting, but there is technology that makes language learning interactive and convenient. You can download apps such as Duolingo on your phone and practice language whenever you have several minutes to spare at the bus stop, in line at the grocery store, or before bed.

Become Informed

News is made more readily available through the internet. Take advantage of widespread media coverage and follow the reporting of international news to remain connected with other countries and communities. Thanks to the internet, news coverage and more websites are being translated into English, which makes international news more accessible.

Participate in Global Aspects of Your Company

It’s difficult to become a global leader without an international experience. Beginning with your company is a strategic way to develop the necessary skills to contribute multiculturally. If your company has global aspects, such as sourcing or emerging customers from a different country, become involved in those projects. This will help you learn how to navigate global aspects.

Visit International Locations

If you have the means, use your vacation time to visit different countries and experience new cultures. Look into service opportunities or tours that focus on transformative travel that will provide you the opportunity to interact with locals, rather than other tourists.

When you visit these locations, also try to connect with the locals. Forging relationships with people of other cultures will not only supplement your personal life, but can also connect you on a more global level.