No matter how old you are, your family is your support system when life becomes challenging.  With your parents, brothers, and sisters supporting you, you’ll always feel comfortable, safe, and strong. They know how to soothe you when you are anxious, and they’ll lend you a hand when it all becomes too much. Family is a powerful force that doesn’t have to be contained as an internal tool. You already have a mini-team accustomed to working together, and your community would benefit if that team volunteered to help out as a family, as well. Not only would the community benefit from such great dedication, but your family will become stronger in several ways.

Quality Time

When you use teamwork to help the community, you’ll also be spending quality family time together. As they get older, children develop their own interests and parents get busy with work. It can be difficult for the family to enjoy time together. By volunteering to do good deeds as a unit, you’re not only making great memories with your loved ones; you’re gathering to make a difference.

Good Values Learned

Younger children want to save the world. They don’t venerate their superheroes because of those capes, they admire the difference that those heroes make. Tell them that volunteering is a form of saving the world, and they’ll be excited to help others. It’s a great way to teach them good values.

Seeing Real Life

As your children grow older, they will begin to notice diversity in real life. They’ll hear different languages and wonder what the people are saying. They’ll see how different cultures dress, and be full of questions about them. Showing them these differences through volunteer work is a healthy way to help them learn. Until this point, they’ve likely been oblivious from the bubble of home. Teach them that we should be friends with all sorts of people, not discriminate by how they look or dress.

Your family has gotten you through some very difficult situations. Now it’s time to use that loving power to heal the world you live in. Work as a family and volunteer for your community. You’ll raise your children to crave positive change, instilling good values into the next generation.