Although Las Vegas, Nevada is one of the most popular destinations in the world to visit, the city still has plenty of people who are in need. Many families need extra assistance or a financial boost as they attempt to survive. Fortunately, there are a few unique ways that people are giving back to their community in Las Vegas.

Car Repairs

If car repairs are needed, it can cause some individuals to avoid having transportation to their job, which can result in unemployment. Organizations like the Las Vegas Democratic Socialists of America, Faith Organizing Alliance, and Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada offer tail light clinics where visitors can have their tail lights replaced or repaired to avoid tickets or accidents. Local mechanics perform the repairs for free and donate their time on the weekends at no cost to residents in the area.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Low-income families who attempt to survive as they live paycheck-to-paycheck rarely have the funds to pay for extra-curricular activities that their children can participate in each season. Registration for sports at community centers can cost hundreds of dollars and can be impossible to afford for some families who are struggling. With the help of StrongARM Foundation, families are provided the funds to cover the costs of registration fees, uniforms, and equipment to ensure that kids get the chance to play on a team and stay physically active. Parents of the children are required to provide proof of their financial situation to ensure that they qualify. The money can also be used towards art or cooking classes that are available at community centers, which can allow the families to be more engaged in the local area.

Giving Circles

Giving circles are available to donate large amounts of money to groups in the local area, which benefits many non-profits. It allows everyone to become more involved in the community, as well as aware of what’s occurring in the local area. The women who run giving circles vote on important topics, which allows them to decide which organizations they should donate the money to on a consistent basis. Over 25 members are a part of the circle, and they stay connected on social media each week to discuss their philanthropic goals and ideas.