Helping others is something Americans do well, considering there are approximately 1.6 million non-profits in the United States today. Establishing a nonprofit organization, however, can be time-consuming and costly for an individual or organization and involves ensuring that the proper documents are filed at the state and federal levels for compliance, etc. That is why GVNG was invented by Dominic Kalms, to simplify the process and not have to deal with all the important details that go into a non-profit set-up.

GVNG enables a person to start and manage (and eventually grow) a 501(c)(3) non-profit in sheer minutes. The process is done online in the most modern way, and as Kalms describes it, “Essentially we created the ‘Shopify for nonprofits.'” The organization is a pioneer for this kind of service. GVNG is the first (and only) technology platform to simplify the financial and legal channels for nonprofits.

To found a non-profit, every tiny and huge detail alike must be taken into administrative account. There are government forms, banking documents, and no end-user compliance documents, but with GVNG, those matters are taken care of in seconds. The organization’s format is legitimate and IRS-friendly for any valid charitable mission out there.

With GVNG behind the scenes, one’s non-profit does not need a board of directors. Instead, it is overseen by’s Board of Directors.

From celebrities to everyday people who want to promote a cause they are enthusiastic about or bring attention to a tragedy, GVNG has been there to reduce the complexities in creating a non-profit. For instance, GVNG assisted singer Miley Cyrus in establishing the Malibu Foundation after the devastating wildfires in that California city. Its mission is to support the community of Malibu and its neighbors as they work to rebuild.

GVNG is developing an impressive track record of improving the collective well-being around the world. According to the organization’s Chief Executive Officer Shabab Gruberg, “$1.5 million in philanthropic assets has gone through our platform in the last year.”

Founder Kalms says GVNG has helped individuals and organizations create a variety of far-reaching programs. Some of these highlights include assisting Puerto Rico in rebuilding after devastating Hurricane Maria, establishing key programs in Africa, helping U.S. veterans and assisting the people of Malibu following the tragic Woolsey Fire.