Philanthropy is an ever thriving culture and there’s always news to be heard. Recently, several foundations have given gifts to many different groups around the world and I thought I’d highlight a few. Here are some recent acts of giving in the philanthropy community.

The Cummings Foundation

This foundation has used its Sustaining Grants program to grant fifty local nonprofits a whopping 15 million dollars all together. The program provides ongoing funding for 10 years, and each organization’s total grant amount ranges between $200,000 and $500,000.

Wallace Global Fund

This group has given the 2019 Henry A. Wallace award to an organization known as Sunrise Movement. The Sunrise Movement is a group that has inspired youth activists across the country to call for climate action, and has helped propel the Green New Deal into the spotlight. The award included $250,00 and in addition to that the Wallace Global Fund has chosen to commit $750,000 of grants in 2019 to dozens of groups that are partnering with the Sunrise Movement.

10-Minute Walk Campaign

The 10-minute walk campaign has awarded $400,000 in grants in order to advance the goal of ensuring that everyone has a quality park within a 10-minute walk of home. The campaign is a union between The Trust for Public Land, National Recreation and Park Association, and Urban Land Institute. Eight nonprofits across five major metropolitan areas will be receiving the first rounds of funds.

Miami EdTech

Miami EdTech is an education technology nonprofit that strives to create a world where innovative technologies redefine education. They recently announced that Microsoft awarded them with a $125,000 grant in support of it’s new “EdXpert, powered by Microsoft” program. The program provides teachers with computer science based professional development opportunities, and focuses on Title I schools and those scoring low in Teacher Professional Development.

AmerisourceBergen Foundation

This foundation gave a grant to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation to support a 10-city tour and shared solutions resource portal built to assist employers with prevention strategies of opioid misuse.The foundations partnership along with several other sponsors helped launch a 10-city tour in order to equip businesses with the tools to combat opioid misuse.

These acts of giving are just a few of the standout cases of philanthropy happening around the world today. Everyday philanthropists are helping people and organizations in need by donating their money, time, and energy into these causes, and it results in improving the lives of people who truly need help.