The Bousis & Palivos families have created a partnership allowing them to become the majority owners of the OFI Football team. OFI plays in the Greek Superleague, which is the top division in the Greek football league system. The team is based out of Heraklion, Crete and hosts their home games at the Theodoros Vardinogiannis Stadium.

OFI Crete is a soccer team with not only an impressive track record but also an exciting history deeply connected to the history and strife of Greece. The team was originally founded in 1925 by a collection of athletes based in Crete. In the fifteen years before World War II the economy was  very difficult in Greece, and thus it became challenging for OFI to travel and compete in matches that were run on a national level.

OFI participated in the National League for the first time after the end of German Occupation of Greece during World War II, when football tournaments started happening again after years of play being postponed. First the first time ever, OFI participated in the national competition during the 1957-58 season; during this competition, they  advanced to the Greek National Championship.

OFI has among the most loyal fan base in Europe. For its home games, the stadium is full and very loud. This creates a clear ‘home field’ advantage. As a result, OFI has upset some of the best Europea clubs in its stadium.

Beginning on October 4, 2018, the Bousis & Palivos families were  announced as the new major shareholders of OFI. They thereafter took over leadership of this extraordinarily talented and historic team. In conjunction with this substantial investment, Bousis & Palivos hired three of the best footballers in the history of Greece- George Samaras, Elias Poursanidis and John Samaras- to manage and operate the team. All three individuals have stellar reputations and have played for top teams in Greece and Europe.

Mike Bousis is the  CEO of OFI, Peter Palivos is the President of the team’s philanthropy, Angelo Palivos is Vice President and Gregory Palivos is a member of the board.