Poverty has been an issue across the globe for as long as society has existed. The fact that it’s been around for so long just shows how difficult it is to tackle. This hasn’t stopped people and groups around the world from trying to put an end to it though. Many groups exist with a main goal of ending or at least decreasing poverty in third world countries all over the world. Here’s a little bit of information on some of those awesome organizations.


Focusing on issues of inequality, discrimination and unequal access to resources, Oxfam has been fighting poverty for over 70 years. Oxfam works in over 90 countries, typically working with local organizations and doing their best to hold the powerful accountable for many poverty-related issues in each of these countries. The organization is always looking for new solutions to support poor communities in growing food and accessing land and clean water, as well as obtaining decent work with fair wages. Oxfam believes that governments, international organizations, multinational companies, and other groups have the power and influence to assist these groups and make sure to challenge them to be better.

The Borgen Project

At their core, the Borgen Project works to fight extreme poverty. Similarly to Oxfam, they believe that the most powerful nations in the world have the power to and should be working harder to address global poverty, and are constantly working to make poverty a focus of U.S. foreign policy. They were formed in 2003 and are based out of Seattle, Washington, but president Clint Borgen has been doing his best to help those in need since his college years back in 1999. The Borgen Project works to advocate, mobilize, educate and issue messages to the world about how much of problem poverty is, and what we can do to fight back.

The Earth Institute

The Earth Institute is based out of Columbia University, and are all about sustainability. They believe that a mixture of science, collaboration, education, and impact are the keys to a sustainable future. While they may not strictly focus on poverty, they realize that poverty is an issue that will affect the sustainability of planet Earth no matter what. The organization has two dozen research facilities that focus on Earth and climate science, public health, economics, law, business, and public policy, all with the future sustainability of our planet in mind.

Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders understand that communities are at the heart of lasting and positive change, and that sustainability can’t just be a goal – it has to be a practice. This organization is constantly searching for ways to improve how they can be working with communities to deliver lasting results. They work to make large differences in different parts of the world such as increasing access to clean drinking water in rural communities or building bridges, roads, and dams. They also understand that educating the leaders of our world on these issues is another major key to solving poverty across the globe.