The Silver State is reaping 24kt gold when it comes to philanthropy and big hearts. Residents, businesses and city officials there are gearing up once again for the annual “Nevada’s Big Give” on Thursday, March 21, 2019. The one-day fundraiser features a 24-hour online crowdfunding event that focuses on Nevada’s giving spirit for the support of hundreds of nonprofit organizations and public schools across the state.

Anyone and everyone can get involved in Nevada’s Big Give 2019. It’s super simple to find an organization to help. From donating to veterans to children in the arts to the homeless and hungry, people in Nevada can make a major impact on community togetherness and compassion. Folks can also act as sponsors for the organizations they believe in. As an individual or a business, this is a fine way to put their name behind a charitable cause and create a wonderful marketing angle, too.

Volunteering is another huge aspect for Big Give, and non-profits can stand out by utilizing extra manpower to give their organization attention and spell out their mission. Volunteers can provide assistance on a direct mail team, become fundraising champions on behalf of an organization or use social media as an effective promotional tool, for example.

It’s not important how much one gives; it only matters that people care enough to donate something to a favorite cause. Maybe it’s the environment, helping animals or education or poverty. There is a personal interest for every Nevadan out there and a chance to create a lasting impression for organizations and schools trying to do some good in communities across the state.

Those in Nevada appear to have big hearts during the Big Give, and the numbers tell the story. For instance, since the annual event launched in 2011, the benefits established have been quite remarkable with more than $3.4 million raised. Some 15,000-plus unique donors have opened their wallets to approximately 500 nonprofit organizations and schools.

The founder of Nevada’s Big Give is Stacey Wedding, and she’s excited for 2019 and what the new year can bring about in financial resources for the state’s charitable causes. Wedding believes in philanthropy and calls it “the great equalizer” that all benefit from and anyone can become involved with.