Establishing a charity takes time and commitment. However, that’s just the beginning. Funds are needed to accomplish the intended tasks and serve the identified clientele, but how can a charity learn about fundraising and building a community of donors, and how can companies that want to support them do it efficiently?

There are many blogs dedicated to helping develop a healthy donor base and collecting needed funding. Finding that information can be difficult unless a charity knows where to look. Fortunately, there are websites that provide information about fundraising, building a donor base, handling the complicated technology behind managing funds, and anything else having to do with maintaining a well-funded charity that can carry out its mission.

Part of a company’s image includes its philanthropic footprint. Like any other aspect of a successful business, making the best decisions concerning charitable giving contributes to its corporate reputation. Optimy is a company that can help other companies make the best decisions and carry out the commitment to supporting the community in a positive, productive way. Optimy offers tools that will help a company optimize its community reputation by helping it demonstrate its corporate social responsibility (CSR) and dedication to ethical management.

The website also includes information about blogs that provide resources for charities that want to identify companies that provide funding to charities. The various blogs discuss resources that charities can use to double their donations by identifying companies that make it a practice to match donations.

Double the Donation is another website with information about blogs dedicated to philanthropy. This website also provides links to blogs committed to doubling donations. This company helps companies that are interested in integrating managing charitable donations seamlessly into their corporate structure and working with companies that want to reward charities that are successful in raising funds by providing additional matching funding. They prefer to work with charities that show the support they have because of their successful fundraising efforts.

The goal of philanthropy is to make the most efficient use of funding dollars. These two websites offer products designed to streamline the process of gift-giving and collect the most money for selected charities. These two websites are valuable because they help charities maximize their fundraising efforts.