The United States has seen more than 1,500 gun deaths in 1,735 days, but despite the seemingly unending tide of violence, substantive measures to curb this violence seem to be out of reach. It’s a complicated issue, one that’s made even more difficult by the lack of a single sensible solution and the power of lobbyist groups like the NRA. But while many lawmakers may be hesitant to pass anything more than symbolic legislation, that doesn’t mean that citizens are helpless to do anything. Some charitable organizations are looking to find solutions to gun control. Here are some of the best.

The Giffords Law Center
Founded by Gabby Giffords, who was herself a victim of gun violence, the Giffords Law Center is rooted in finding legislative solutions to gun control, and they’ve centered themselves around a broad variety of common sense platforms. This includes thoughtful research and the spread of information about gun violence, a push for universal background checks, and a mission to expose the agendas of pro-gun lobbies. Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly also formed the Americans for Responsible Solutions PAC to raise money for political candidates who support substantive gun control legislation.

The Brady Campaign
The Brady Campaign dates all the way back to 1974. First known as the National Council to Control Handguns, it was later renamed to the Brady Campaign in honor of Reagan’s press secretary who was injured in an assassination attempt against the then-president. While they’re a major advocate in pushing for new gun control legislation, they also approach a savvy tactic largely ignored by their peers: making sure that gun control legislation already in place is appropriately enforced. When the parents of victims during the Aurora shooting sued the companies that sold ammunition to shooter John Holmes, they did so with the assistance of Brady Campaign lawyers.

Everytown for Gun Safety
Everytown was formed with the bold ambition of serving as a counterweight to the wealthy and influential National Rifle Association. But despite being funded with $50 million from former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, Everytown can use every penny it can get. While the gun control policies they support are relatively modest – including universal background checks and stricter gun trafficking laws – they still face a tough battle from their opposition in the pro-gun lobbies.

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