Every child gets excited when it comes time to see a movie. Yet for those who are sick and confined to a hospital, this seems like an impossibility. Thanks to Disney, it isn’t.

Since 2014, Disney has been broadcasting new movies into children’s hospitals throughout the country. In that time, almost all new Disney movie releases were made available to patients. This was made possible by a program called Disney Movie Moments. The program was launched by the Disney Team of Heroes. As a philanthropic initiative, it was designed to put smiles on the faces of sick children and their caregivers.

Disney has since expanded on this initiative. It was announced in March of 2018 that Disney was earmarking $100 million worth of resources and money to benefit children’s hospitals. This is expected to take five years to complete.

However, it involves more than just giving child patients access to new Disney movies. Imagineers have many more ideas to brighten the hospital stays of countless sick children. One of them is letting each patient have Disney characters by their side. While in the hospital they are then immersed in the Disney character and story of their choice.

Another idea the team is working on is customizing hospital rooms. These would include patient rooms as well as those used for treatments. Children will get a gown and bed sheets showing the Disney character they love the most. Mobile carts will also be placed in each child’s hospital room. The carts will contain Disney themed activities and games the whole family can enjoy.

For children who aren’t confined to a hospital bed, future plans include pop up movie theaters. Other entertainment options featuring Disney characters will also be provided.

Many hospitals are adopting this new approach to pediatric patient care. At Texas Children’s Hospital, patients will get to experience many of the experiences described above. At this and other hospitals, staff and parents are working together to bring some Disney magic to sick children.

Doctors and nurses are being trained to approach pediatric care in ways that put children and their families at ease. Customized programs may be created for each hospital, so that Disney can do its part in helping sick children keep up their spirits during any necessary hospital stays.