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Peter Palivos

International Leader, Philanthropist, and Investor

Peter Palivos is a national and international leader helping to improve Greek-American relationships. In this role, he was instrumental in getting the US Congress to approve greater military assistance for Greece. In the early 1990’s, he worked closely to block the recognition of Macedonia in the US Congress. For these efforts, he received an award from the former Greek Foreign Minister Pangalos and Greek Prime Minister Mitsiotakis. In 2015, when Germany was pressuring Greece to exit the European Union, Peter worked closely alongside former US Secretary Hillary Clinton to avert the crisis between Germany and Greece. These efforts succeeded and Greece remains an important member of the European Union.

Throughout his career and personal life, Peter Palivos has been involved with philanthropic and professional organizations such as the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Chicago Council, the United Hellenic American Congress, the Hellenic Professional Society of Illinois, and the Pan Arcadian Federation of America. In 1989, he received the National Award of Merit from the Pan Arcadian Federation. The following year, he established the Pedia Scholastic Scholarships program, which has awarded college scholarships to 25 young men and women who excelled in academics and community service.

Peter Palivos with Former President Barack Obama

Peter Palivos with Former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Peter Palivos with United States Senator Chuck Schumer

Peter Palivos with Alexis Tsipras, Prime Minister of Greece

Peter Palivos with United States Senator Bernie Sanders

Peter Palivos with his wife and Brian Sandoval, Governor of Nevada

Peter Palivos with his wife and Former United States Senator Harry Reid

Peter Palivos with Representative John Lewis

Peter Palivos with United States Senator Catherine Cortez Masto

Peter Palivos with United States House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Peter Palivos with Former United States Senator Carol Moseley Braun

Peter Palivos with his wife, Former United States Senator Ted Kennedy, and his wife Victoria Kennedy

Peter Palivos with Former Greek Prime Minister Karamanlis and Former Deputy Prime Minister Kanellopoulos

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